Steven Universe
Note: I haven't watched the most recent episodes with trials and such, but I might get around to it soon.
Jaspball DNW: Them on opposite sides, fighting against each other.
Jaspball: I'm still as here for hero worship as I always am, and THAT SURE IS SOME HEAVY DUTY HERO WORSHIP. I love it when the villains get to use the power of love, and I think that Jasper's fusion hangups resolving in her hooking up with Eyeball and destroying their enemies together is fun. Even Jasper, the big buff cheeto puff, being the one with a protective helmet, whereas Eyeball, the tiny dagger rogue, gets to stab people is a fun kind of role reversal. Jasper is even more consumed by angst over the Earth and her failure to win than Eyeball is! What's not to love?
Rosenet DNW: Garnet hates Rose or vice versa
Rosenet: Garnet is the one who had to step up and fill Rose's shoes, but she still thinks of Rose as a kind of perfect leader and follows a lot of her legacy and ideology, even as far as not asking questions after Rose told her not to! She wasn't as intensely drawn to Rose as Pearl is, but I'm up for loyalty kink with this. Rose being the inscrutable but caring leader she always is, or fusing with Garnet in their very special way, and Garnet having someone she can look up to for advice is fun~
Jasprose DNW: None.
Jasprose: Jasper admires Rose! But also hates her so, so much. When we knew less about Rose I liked to imagine that Jasper was one of the few who took her seriously on the battlefield in the beginning and that hatecrush just kept blossoming. Even now, Jasper loving and being attracted to Rose a little and hating everything she stands for, or almost following her but being too loyal to Pink Diamond in the end is great! I generally imagine Rose as not really knowing who Jasper is, since that makes it so much more lopsided. But times when they have to work together to stay alive would also be fun!
Ruby Squad/Jasper: They all really like Jasper! Let's make it in the fun way. I wanted to see Jasper and the Rubies as a sort of squad trying to protect Jasper, or being led by Jasper, or whatever unholy fusion they might create together and how they'd manage to hold together with someone as cantankerous as Jasper there when they're so used to easily staying together. I like to imagine Jasper having some elitism about both heterogeneous and homogeneous fusions, and seeing her admit that there's a lot of strength to be found in being a group and not a solitary, huge unit would probably take a lot out of her! I also like the idea of the Ruby Squad as an OT5 who's already together. You know, soldiers and their bunks and their homoeroticism (and such...).
I like dramatic color palettes and use of flowery symbolism and pretty, soft art. I also like art with creepier styles and proportions! I also like people lifting other people. I am fond of women in suits! I am also fond of them in dresses.
Jaspball: Them focused on each other! Jasper being stuck in a rut and Eyeball popping by to comfort her. Eyeball stabbing someone who's sneaking up on Jasper. Jasper protecting Eyeball. Jasper carrying Eyeball on her shoulder or in one hand. Eyeball carrying Jasper, either easily or with much strain. Their fusion!
DNW: Rosenet fusion by itself. It's fun, but I have enough of those outside of exchanges.
Rosenet: Them fighting back to back. Them in a secretive alcove having a talk. Rose teaching Garnet how humans dance. Them supporting each other in a tough environment. Rose lifting Garnet, or Garnet lifting Rose.
Jasprose: Fight fight fight! Rose using her shield or plant powers, Jasper headbutting her, a competitive singing duet, Jasper having a crush on Rose and looking grumpy about it.
Ruby Squad/Jasper: Them fused together! Them fighting against a common enemy. Them being together happily and Jasper being confused while everyone else is happy. Jasper carrying everyone. Or everyone carrying Jasper, for that matter!

Overall DNW: Rocks fall everyone dies as an ending.
JaneDirk (<3): I love the way these two banter and how their mixture of friendship and rivalry plays out, even as they fight for the same guy! I love the way they're both secretly insecure about how the other's good points might make Jake chose them, and the way they relax and joke around when they're not so concerned about that! I also love how Jane is the defacto leader while Dirk aspires to be the puppet master. It makes me want an AU where Jane is a princess/admiral and Dirk is her spymaster. I would love to see Jane take control of an overthinking Dirk. I also like how Jane puts fake mustaches on, and think it'd be a lot of fun to see her crossdress, especially if that's the thing that makes Dirk go "oh shit hot". In terms of sexuality angst, I'd like it equivalent to JohnDave, where the attraction is there but the denial is also, made more awkward by a previous rejection of the relevant gender. Basically root this in mutual admiration and a little conflict and I'll eat it up.

JohnDirk (<3<): I like shipping Dirk with people who are capable of dealing with his intensity without being too overwhelmed, and John fits the bill! They would have some epic prank wars, with both of them going allll out. Plus I think John's dramatic flair would be well indulged if he was dating Dirk. I enjoy how John is the one who most closely resembles Jake of the humans, and how Dirk is similar looking to Dave. I ship JohnDave, so Dave being upset about JohnDirk while John doesn't know why would be fun! Dirk really does know how to code, so him contrasting himself with John, who is not quite as good would be fun! Or John using his godtier powers to wreck Dirk despite Dirk being pretty skilled. These two should drive each other to greater and greater heights of folly and ridiculousness.

Equisol(<3/<3<(/<>)): I remember I really loved the idea of Sollux very reluctantly, when he's at his wit's end and he's got a huge headache, going to Equius to get all the visions to stop and his head to get quieter. Equius having to dom someone intentionally and trying to live up to it but flailing around awkwardly is fun.

Equigam(<3</<3): this deleted itself. :/ ANYWAYS. I find it very interesting how Equius deals with Gamzee's existence. He believes in the caste system, and that means that he believes that Gamzee SHOULD be superior to him. But he doesn't act in a way that Equius sees as better than and keeps lashing out, and Gamzee continues to simply accept this until he goes sober and strangles Equius with a bowstring. I tend to view that scene as a confirmation that Equius really does believe in his own casteist ideals, and not just when it's convenient for him to do so, since Equius could have stopped his own murder at any time. Meanwhile, Gamzee is constantly stoned and Equius can't stop dropping metric tons of baggage on him, but he's sufficiently lonely that he likes to hang out with Equius anyways. I am fine with either red or black romance here! I tend to view Gamzee as more <3 while Equius is more <3< towards him. Gamzee just constantly wants to wrap Equius in a blanket and take him home and teach him to chill, but (when sober) may also resent him a fair amount! Gamzee trying to get Equius to do fun things and hang out with him is fun. Equius kind of views Gamzee as an insult to his own views, but I think he also pities him, and he doesn't know what do to with that pity for someone who should be so much better than he is. Equius either trying to spur Gamzee to greater heights with kismessitude or Gamzee trying to fill a void in them both in red romance would be very nice.

ARquius(<3): I did not expect this ship AT ALL. But it was the perfect Christmas present. I am super interested in them staying together post-game, or in any situation where they were once ARquiusprite but have since seperated. The dynamic of being forced together yet syncing up perfectly to one self absorbed asshole, and continuing to be happy together afterwards rocks my socks off.
Condesce/Jade DNW: underage sex/heavy petting and such. Condesce and Jade fucking while Colonel Sassacre is still alive.
Condesce/Alpha Jade (<3<): I like the Condesce projecting troll romance on all her relationships, and thinking that Jade has a huge black crush on her! Especially if she isn't entirely wrong, and Jade feels incredibly conflicted and upset that she finds her mom hot, even if she's just an adopted, evil alien mom. Jade has a lot to prove, Condesce isn't initially impressed, but as Jade grows up, leaves and gets better at fighting her mom Condesce finds that she actually does reciprocate. It can be a fairly distant thing throughout the age, a war waged through the marketplace, or it can be that instead of Condesce killing Jade or Jade killing Condesce they fuck. Or Jade really hating her mom.
Optional side pairings: Condesce<3Colonel Sassacre, Condesce<>John, platonic sibling relationship between Jade and John, John c3< ( Condesce <3< Jade )
Tavrisquius(c3<): It's complicated. It's always complicated. I'm fond of Equius trying to mediate between Vriska and Tavros in an ashen bond, but in general I'd like a lot of the dynamic swapping frantically between the three as the next problem arises and the next person gets closer to snapping. I like Vristav being largely onesided <3/<3< on Vriska's side with maybe a little <> on Tavros' side, Tavros having a confusing red crush on Equius that Vriska cockblocks, and Equius having a pale crush on Vriska that he squashes and ignores as quickly as possible. Happy ending not required. Equius c3< ( Vriska <3/<3< Tavros ), Tavros c3< ( Equius <>/<3< Vriska ), Vriska c3< ( Tavros <3 Equius ).
DDad (<3): I did not expect that immediate yandere crush! DD has Dad locked up in a tower and is constantly trying to make him the center of the country and basically ruins anyone who disagrees with what Dad thinks. Meanwhile, Dad either accepting this due to being used to fucked up violence as a Crocker, or being somewhat alarmed by all the yandere would be very welcome. Dad trying to be a good mentor figure and senpai to DD. Domestic AU where DD is a gangster who falls in love with an average dad who can pressbench a fucking car, and has to deal with Dad's kids and grandma too.

KOTOR | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
For Revan: I'd prefer dark side or amoral Revan. Cacklingly evil Revan is fine with crack, but otherwise I'd prefer a cold, vicious, more pragmatic sort of evil there. Someone with charisma and enough self confidence to try to rule the galaxy herself without flinching.

HK-47/Revan: There's nothing for these two! I would prefer female Revan but will be extremely happy with either! I really do have a thing for creators falling in love with and/or fucking their creations. Revan custom-made HK! Revan being a mechanic, Revan sort of reflecting on that uneven part of their relationship where she can make HK do anything, or how she has HK there to say all the dark, violent, humorous things she can't when she has to lead. Or focus on HK-47 searching the cosmos to find Revan again! I'd prefer if at the end they were both together and alive. If they fuck, I'd like 0 consent angst. And also I'd prefer for HK to not have any robodick or robovagina/anus. Just wireplay with the wires, or Revan getting HK to fuck her with a gun, or fingering/handjob. Maybe some loyalty kink or Revan dismantling HK since well, he's a robot, he can always be put together again, even though HK is a) still conscious b) not happy with this.
F!Revan/F!Exile: Revan believes she knows best. Exile doesn't. Revan is powerful alone, without anyone to protect. Exile is powerful as a group, with those she loves. Hatesex, yes or YES? Also, mournful love that ends in betrayal, Revan sending Exile out to die, Exile nearly but not quite mustering the strength to kill Revan, Exile returning to Revan for guidance and answers, them being young and fresh and fighting against the Mandalorians together before or during the first big moral dilemmas they had since fighting against the wishes of the council. Revan trying to avoid being close to Exile because she can't afford to get attached and getting the tiniest bit attached anyways.
Female Revan/Canderous: He'd follow her anywhere! And that's all I needed to hear. Let's give it up for these two teaming up to conquer the galaxy, dealing with politics and bureaucracy, slaughtering their way through an army, cleaning themselves up afterwards, or any sort of domestic stuff with a backdrop of their insane adventures and goals.

Ouran High School Host Club

This is a canon that lends itself really well to crack, so if anyone manages that that would be great! I am also happy with fluff and angst. Not so much with plot or really really angsty, depressing stuff. Outsiders being jealous of the ships is great! Background poly is also fun.
Note: I have read some but not all of the manga, so manga-specific references are likely to go over my head.
Haruhi gender: I'm fine with agender, genderfluid, bigender, or kinda cis female Haruhi. I am uninterested in trans Haruhi or male Haruhi.

Hikaru/Haruhi/Kaoru: I like my love triangles overly complicated. Hikaru has a crush on Haruhi because she can tell them apart! But Haruhi has a crush on Kaoru, and because she can tell them apart it's not transferable. And Kaoru is concerned about the bond between him and Hikaru falling apart so he's loathe to accept Haruhi's advances. Alternatively, canon-like dynamic with them both trying to court Haruhi in their own way, more and less seriously. The struggles of growing as people. I am fine with the twins' relationship being romantic or platonic, and definitely fine with it being codependent, but I don't want focus on that to the exclusion of Haruhi except for a paragraph or two.

Renge/Haruhi: Renge is such a drama queen, and Haruhi is so good at shutting the drama down. Despite Renge declaring Haruhi her date, nothing gets done with that! I want Renge to try and date Haruhi in her own very special way, and Haruhi to calmly deal with this in her own mature Haruhi way. Jealousy from others is especially welcome here, both for Renge and Haruhi.

Kasanoda/Haruhi: Kasanoda is a big scary blushy mess who had a whole sexuality crisis over Haruhi! Him liking it when she's a boy and a girl because he's bi and not because he has a gender sensor that told him she was a girl all along is great. As well as Haruhi making plans for them to hang out and date and utterly sweeping Kasanoda off his feet despite not being flashy at all. Basically a gangster falls in love and Haruhi is more than okay with this.

Darkangel Trilogy

Aeriel/Erin: Erin puts up with so much in the name of love. Err, friendship. Them finding the scattered knowledge together and slowly restoring the land and making it a beautiful, fruitful place is great! Aeriel slowly getting over Irrylath would be fun, as well as if she never gets over Irrylath and pines forever even when she's smooching Erin. Aeriel protecting Erin when Erin gets hurt, or Erin taking up the sword in the name of Aeriel and being her spokesperson. I'd LOVE if outsiders, or even the people in the pairing, get really scared of the two, either when they're calm and spooky or when they're PISSED AND SERIOUS.

Aeriel/Irrylath: I'd love some focus on Irrylath's point of view during the first or second or third books! Him being in love with her but so terrified he's being bewitched and all the unhealthy shit that goes with it is fun. In the end, it's all too late. And that's great.

Ace Attorney
I fell in love immediately with these two. Iris just wants to help her sister and keep more unnecessary deaths from happening, but the con fell in love with her mark and now she just loves Phoenix. She really does. And Phoenix loves her. I'd love fic set during their established canonical relationship where Iris is struggling between two loyalties, or where Phoenix can see something is bothering her and doesn't really know what's happening, since she won't tell him or just lies about it. Just compound how messed up the lies are making their life, mixed with lots of fluffy domesticity.

Gravity Falls
Overall DNW: Underage sex/heavy petting or such.
Pinecest: Their continually failing romances and general closeness makes me think of the comfort getting more and more comforting yet uncomfortable as they get older. Imagine Mabel having awkward UST with Dippy Fresh, or trying hard to hook Dipper up against his protests because if he's dating someone it's easier to stop thinking about it! Imagine Dipper feeling upset when she's finally got a date and convincing himself it's just because social interaction seems to come so easily to her. I am all for this ship not going anywhere or ending up onesided and awkward forever. Misery! Discomfort in their own crushes! No one can ever know! All the good shit. Also, consider how sharing a room might complicate matters.
McGuckets DNW: Happy established relationship as the focus of the fic.
The McGuckets: How in the world did these two end up married and moving to California?
How did they deal with Fiddleford leaving to go hang out with his college buddy? Just how disastrous and explosive did things get before the divorce? How does one deal with a large, destructive robot rampaging through town? Please give Mrs McGucket a name and some kind of personality. I think it'd be fun to have her be a serious person for Fidd bounces off of, or a wandering musician who falls in love with a rural weirdo, or an equally enthusiastic but closer to home engineer. Dysfunction is very welcome, as well as overdramatic closeness.
Gideon ships DNW: Gideon described as thin, rape
Gideon/Pacifica: Pacifica is now just in the echelons of the rich rather than the incredibly, filthy stinking rich. Gideon decides to hang out with her and teach her what he's learned about being a normal kid, possibly because she talks to Mabel more than he does. But... It's Gideon's idea of normal. "Is the leader of a mob" Gideon. "Had a spy network" Gideon. "Terrorizes his parents" Gideon. Pacifica meanwhile is just learning to break free from her parents and to use things which aren't her family's power and influence to accomplish her goals. Pacifica being disgusted at him making tea in toilets and such while he's unashamed of it all would be fun. I think Mabel->Pacifica would be fun, too! Mabel->Pacifica/Gideon->Mabel, the awkward love triangle.
Gideon/Mabel: Gideon is extremely hammy. Mabel is extremely hammy. Gideon being extremely smitten was fun! I'd be here for canon divergence where Mabel reciprocated, and Dipper is still very alarmed by Gideon being crazy and power hungry and struggling to make Mabel realize that, or Gideon toning himself down a little bit due to the ~Power of Love~, and Mabel trying to figure out what to do with a summer romance that might not be as good as she thought. Preferably with a happy ending. I would also be here for post-canon where Mabel develops a crush on Gideon and is instantly disgusted with herself, but it just never goes away and she eventually surrenders to it. Alternatively, their incredibly campy and dramatic attempt at celebrating their anniversary.
BillKryptos DNW: Human AU
Bill/Kryptos: What if the triangle fucked the square? Or the square fucked the triangle? Preference for Bill to be dominant, whether he's topping or bottoming or something more exotic is going on. 
Alternately, we don't know a lot about what Bill or the henchmaniacs do in the nightmare realm, so the day to day life as a gang and the chain of command there would be fun. According to the reddit AMA Bill hates Kryptos, but he doesn't act like it, so what's up with that? It could be fun to have Bill actually like Kryptos, but not deal with being in love with anyone very well and lash out. Or genuinely fluffy, awkward shit with Bill trying to iron out his feelings and Kryptos dealing with that. I don't know, but I think it'd be hard to make this couple boring. Crack, darkfic, and plot/worldbuilding are my preferences here.



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