I can't find this call anywhere on the internet! It's a true travesty, so I'm transcribing it here. Note: the first two options have a "am I interrupting something" option to talk about, so I assume the whole first stretch is a giant innuendo.
Jaehee's route, Day 8, outgoing call: This place is scary.

Yoosung: Arrgh! Oh, hello? He-hello? Ahh! Don't push me! Sorry
MC: Yoosung?
Yoosung: Gah~ I'm at the supermarket!
Yoosung: I came to get some food, but they're having this huge sale where 100g of pork is only 69 cents...! So I ran over... only to find a huge wave of people.
Yoosung: Aargh! This is mine! Don't take it out~! God....
Yoosung: ...Oww... Someone just stepped on my foot and took what was in my cart! How could they...? My god...
Yoosung: I just wanted to fill up my little belly... was I being too greedy?
Yoosung: I should just head over to the fish corner... I should at least get fish since I can't get pork.
Yoosung: Hi~! Could I get a piece of mackerel.... Aarrrgh!!
MC: Yoosung! Are you okay!?
Yoosung: ...Oh.... oh my... god... So-someone just punched my side. Why!? They're not even having a sale here! Why are there so many people!?
Yoosung: No.... I can't give up the fish.
Yoosung: Hi! Could you just throw it to me?! I really need that piece of mackerel! Just throw it! Please...!!
Yoosung: Oh yeah, got it!.
Yoosung: I want to go home now. This place is scary.
Yoosung: Ugh... I should get in line.... My dear pork belly... I'll just see you next time...
Yoosung: I can't just push around all the old ladies and be that desperate. I'll still young~! I have a reputation to keep up!
Yoosung: Next time, should I just come super early and leave or should I ask Zen to come with me...? I need to think of a way to solve this.
MC: I'm hungry.... Yoosung, go get me some food.
Yoosung: Wh... what!? What did you just say?
Yoosung: Do you want me to be your maid or something?
Yoosung: Uhm... but... well, come to think of it, it won't be so bad to be your maid.
Yoosung: I kind of like being treated like on. Doing something for someone else and getting insulted at times. I actually fantasize about it.
MC: I think that would suit me.
Yoosung: Oh my god~ Let's talk about that later.
Yoosung: It's my turn! I have to go pay. I'll see you later at the chat room!



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