I am burnt out on long letters, but leaving this here for convenience, and in case of sudden changes/general like/dislike additions. I previously requested and wrote letters for Gravity Falls and Dramatical Murder.

Just because I'm done with letters doesn't mean I'm done with these ships or exchanges! The fun thing about something so rare is that there's not as many conventions to to run with or against, so anything can be new and exciting! Feel free to go outside of the prompts I've put down if an idea catches your attention.

I like:
* Groundhog Day style time loops! Especially if it drives them temporarily insane or they try to game the system or it's used to force character growth that otherwise wouldn't happen in a million years (the heartless learn to love, unlikely characters pair up, unexpected people become hypercompetent, angst in general, also fun crack in general). Either the character doing it alone or multiple people
* Really violent or over the top love, confessions of it, ways to show it.
* Characters with skewed moralities (ie everyone requested) doing immoral things without thinking about it much
* One or both characters have a strong and distinct goal, which the other either acquiesces to due to love or practicality, or fights really strongly against.
* Outside characters judge the pair for being together for either very silly or very good reasons, and they defend the relationship.
* Pining, onesided relationships. It's painful in a very fun way! And triply so if they don't realize it's onesided. 
* Hypercompetence or magic, people being good at what they do
* Navel gazing over love/crushes, being really happy about it or really upset to be in love
* I tend to gauge love via the characters enjoying merely being in that person's presence and being willing to change or give up goals for their well-being or because it's what they want.
* "This is a stupid decision, why am I doing this?" shortly before doing it, for love
* Being really alarmed or frustrated by their own attraction to someone due to conflicting loyalties, being dangerous, internalized homophobia, already being in a relationship with someone else.
* First loves in really apathetic or evil characters, and how having such an intense connection changes the way they think
* "they'd never loved anyone like they loved ___" I like a lot in both my fluffy and dysfunctional ships, though it's not a one-size-fits-all sort of declaration.  Because it's so intense, because it's so destructive, because it's not much like love or because it's so much more than they're used to.

I dislike:
* Characters with canon opposite sex attraction becoming gay. I'd prefer them bi, demi, or without allusions to their sexuality outside this relationship rather than retconning their attraction. That throws me off in a way I find uninteresting.
* If internalized homophobia is in the fic, I'd prefer if they mostly had to struggle through their insecurities alone or with the aid of one or two other people rather than having a large group of people tell them it's fine. That's part of the fun of the trope for me.
* Characters who committed the same crime or worse being astonished at their other half doing the same. All the requested characters have their problems and failings, and having say, Rick be astonished at genocide, or Komaeda be shocked that Kamukura is unimpressed by non-SHSL people, or Gideon gasp at muggings is going to make me very confused. Setting it in a time period where they haven't yet done whatever it is is perfectly acceptable. Having one be more moral or less destructive in comparison to the other is GREAT, though. As is narcissistic denial or glazing over of their own flaws, flat out lying to make the other guilty, or being concerned that they'll be the next target. 

DNW: Underage, death of either half of the pair,

Rick and Morty
Doofus Jerry/Rick Sanchez | Rick Sanchez/Doofus Rick's Jerry Smith
DNW: Doofus Rick being hurt more than briefly, incest.

The real ship here is Rick x Humiliation and Suffering, and being beaten by D!Jerry is an intensely personal way to deliver that.

Doofus Jerry is from the comic book canon. He's the opposite of Jerry, as competent and ruthless as our Jerry isn't, and when he comes to C-137 he fucks Rick up real good. Assume I mean D!Jerry when I say Jerry.

I like seeing Rick pummeled into the dirt both physically and emotionally. Maybe some ashamed arousal from Jerry decisively kicking his ass and foiling all his revenge plots. Maybe Jerry elects to seduce Rick to get what he wants, maybe they have some messed up sex to distract Jerry from Beth, who still thinks he's good/he's her husband. Maybe Rick elects to seduce Jerry as his last ditch revenge plots and it works a little too well?

Alternately, D!Jerry and some Rick from the Rick dimension. I'd prefer someone as close to normal Rick as possible. I mean, he enslaved an entire dimension of Ricks and has no qualms making them call him stupid titles if he feels like it and make him a big robot of himself. There's potential everywhere.

Dangan Ronpa

Kamukura Izuru/Komaeda Nagito
These two being ordinary, well adjusted men
* Komaeda falling in love due to Kamukura really being Hinata deep inside

I seem to have a thing for fanboys who would do anything for their idol, but upon meeting them realize that wait, they actually have high standards and the idol isn't actually meeting those standards. Komaeda manages to be snobby about Kamukura and his levels of hope, which is fun. Despair Komaeda, more of that technicolor gunshot ridiculousness, or them standing apart from the world they despise while also being intensely prickly towards each other is fun. I also like it when they soften to each other a little bit over time. Feel free to have Komaeda trash talk Hinata, that's fun. Or Kamukura trash talk Komaeda. So, either Komaeda being really ridiculously besotted with Kamukura, who only barely cares about him, or Komaeda being really disappointed yet attached to Kamukura, who never asked for his opinion.

Gravity Falls
* Anything sexual or involving sexual urges with a Gideon younger than 15. By this I mean let's just say that it's all INTENSE ROMANTIC URGES AND BONDS. Both Gideon to others and others to Gideon. PWP with Gideon at all.
* Either part of the ships dying permanently
* Bill being imprisoned or depowered. Bill having to work with or get help from them because they have some kind of knowledge/ability that he just doesn't is super fun, though, whether it's an equation, portal access, being in the material plane, understanding people, whatever.

I'm more interested in crack/fluff/angst than PWP for this fandom in this exchange!

Ghost-Eyes/Gideon: Ghost Eyes would do anything for Gideon. Gideon is less attached to him, and also crushing on other people (at least initially). Roll with it.

Bill Cipher/Fiddleford H. McGucket: Sometimes a lonely old man and a triangle meet up and chat. Alternately, McGucket makes himself a soulbonding machine or drugs Bill with a love potion somehow, and Bill has to deal with being in love with someone for the first time. Does this save the world? Does it just lead to some weird courting? Does Bill try to murder McGucket's racoon wife?

Bill Cipher/Fiddleford McGucket/Stanford Pines: It's a big game of "he said, she said" and no one has all the information they need except Bill. I like Fiddleford->Stanford->Bill, but could probably be convinced to roll with anything as long as the fic commits and is enthusiastic about it!

Gideon Gleeful/Grunkle Stan: I like the hammy back and forth of them destroying each other's plans. I feel like nothing good will happen when Gideon is roaming free in Gravity Falls gathering his resources. Is Stan the only one who can stop him? Does Stan even want to? Does Gideon realize he has a crush on Stan and get very alarmed and then do his best to figure out how to deal with this? Roll with it.

Bill Cipher/Gideon Gleeful: Gideon is used to being a big fish in his small pond. Interdimensionally Bill is super dangerous, but Gideon tries to use him anyways. Maybe Gideon still has nightmares about Bill long after he should be dead. Maybe it's canon divergent with Gideon still patrolling the wreckage of Gravity Falls for his boss. Whatever sounds fun!

Bill Cipher/Grunkle Stan: Stan has a lot of similarities in his behavior to Bill. He looks very much like Ford. He could probably use a little demon magic to grease the wheels of life. He's lonely enough to get an unfortunate crush on a triangle, methinks. Bizarre love potion shenanigans for either or them having to raise kids together due to extremely improbable circumstances would be fun.

Bill Cipher/Stanford Pines: Ford worshiped Bill pretty literally. And then it turned out Bill was always evil. Angst over Bill never loving him? Before the reveal with some sweet declarations of love? Manipulative shit? Ford doing everything in his power to murder Bill? Bill taunting him? I tend towards Bill not really being in love with him, I enjoy Bill becoming very attached. Love potion shenanigans with Bill being drugged to love either Ford or someone else would be fun! Love potion shenanigans with Ford being drugged to love Bill are not, though.

DRAMAtical Murder

Sly Blue/Trip/Virus
: They're his biggest fans! I am uninterested in them kidnapping him or anything, but them being dysfunctional or murdering people together seems fun. Also, consider Sly topping the hell out of those two. I have. I like it. Those two cooing over Sly Blue while he just :| at them is fun!

Clear/Sly Blue: Sly is the one whose voice Clear heard, and it makes me really excited. Clear tagging along with Sly, who has some serious serious mental and attachment issues? Let the romance unfold. Fluffy or messed up as desired. Clear is self-destructively loyal, and I don't think Sly is equipped to deal with that. Nor is Clear really prepared to deal with or protest Sly's destructive hedonism.

Crossover ( Gravity Falls x Rick and Morty )

Rick incest ships.

Bill Cipher/Rick Sanchez: LOOK AT THESE ASSHOLES. If they were put together, they would make an assholery event horizon. That's something I want to see. Also, Rick can never have enough overly intense alien exes. Maybe with Bill trying to get Rick to build him a portal big enough to get through? Maybe they harass someone together? Maybe they take a job together? Bill possesses Rick? Bill torments Morty? Rick makes a desperate deal with a demon to save his family? Whatever works, folks.

Stanford Pines/Rick Sanchez: These two would butt heads pretty hard, I think. Their moralities are... distinctly different, Rick is lightyears ahead of Ford in brains/gadgetry when Ford is used to being the smartest person in the room, and they may have some differing views regarding the Pines and Smith family or Bill. Rick is also much more likely to fight and avoid the government whereas Ford handed over his mind control tie and has been happily operating on government grants for his research. Just rivalship them and I will follow.



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