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Hello! I'm excited for this! My tastes vary depending on canons and pairings, but I'll try to be specific. Anon comments are on, so feel free to ask for clarification.

My ao3 name is rosewithallherthorns.

I requested Akatsuki no Yona, Fruits Basket, and Girl Genius in Soul Swap here: http://rosewithallherthorns.dreamwidth.org/1288.html
It's a mess but you might find some cool ideas.
I requested Akatsuki no Yona in Smut Swap here: http://rosewithallherthorns.dreamwidth.org/501.html

Table of Contents
Akatsuki no Yona
Fruits Basket
Gravity Falls
Girl Genius

General Likes:
Survival fic, where they're stranded somewhere and have to work together to survive
Domestic fic starring really fucked up relationships
Declarations of love, loyalty, affection
Cis genderswap to female without changing the character at all
Pining, platonic or romantic
Shows of strength, particularly physical strength, in carrying, pinning, lifting things, failed attempts to push a stronger character, etc.
People who are self-obsessed or obsessed with some big goal or both
Hugs, handholding, cuddling if romantic
Physical affection in general
Magical spells or powers
Cool gadgets and knicknacks
F/m in smut

General DNW:
The idea that men have to be one way and women have to be another way
Trans characters (except trans!Grenda).
Characters who are supposed to be in a healthy relationship smashing the others' belongings (unless it's literally an apocalypse button or something). If it's dysfunctional, it's fine.

Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
I'd prefer during or post-canon for this, not pre-canon. Canon divergence also works, but AUs that bring them out of the canon universe are hit or miss.

I just love all the pining that's built into this ship. They're soulmates in a really fun way, and Kija is utterly surrounded by that tradition while Yona is super new to the concept of being Hiryuu or Dragon Warriors being a real thing. They're both very sheltered but in very different ways, and the underlying savagery that Kija has is also fun! He's such a sweetheart and yet he tried to tear Hak's throat out for calling him a snake. I prefer Yona to be more focused on saving the kingdom and doing fun stuff rather than her love life, but also loving her group, and growing to love Kija in particular that way. Some ways that this could happen: Kija realizing he's in love and confessing, latent unexplained crush, them being on their own for a while and getting closer that way, or doing a particular activity together, like singing. I also enjoy it when Yoon groans about "rich people" in reference to them, it makes me laugh. Jaeha feeling uneasy about whether this is brainwashing or not is fun, but not if Kija agrees (even though it kinda is). Feel free to focus on their magical connection to any degree you want, the bigger the better! 
I requested this for smut swap, so you can check there too.

DNW: Yona being aware of ever being in love with Hak

Fruits Basket
I'm fine with either male or female Akito, and prefer the way the manga handled the curse.

DNW: Major character death. Post-manga-ending.

Honda Tohru/Sohma Akito
Tohru is a really good person. Akito is a really bad person. Like oil and water, let's force them together in whatever way possible! I would be particularly into female Akito in this ship, but am still happy with both! Them being soulmates would be fun; it's really hard to ignore someone you're sort of magically leashed to, but not leashed the same way the zodiac is. Does having someone who is attached to him that way make Akito happy? How does Tohru deal with all this? Having her friends show up is excellent. Really, feel free to have a conga line of people telling Tohru that she needs to back away from Akito and her failing to do so. Even if Tohru is unaware of or excuses any bad behavior, I would like the narrative to acknowledge it. Or Akito very slowly and reluctantly being converted by the power of love to caring about other people, that would be fun too. Tohru is kind of like a magical beam of love and support, and it makes me happy.
DNW: Noncon. Dubcon is fine.

Honda Tohru/Sohma Yuki
These two are cute! I like how polite and distant Yuki is but how he successfully warms up around her. And seeing them both go out of their way for each other. Feel free to go fluffy here, but also feel free to examine how fucked up their situation is.
For prompts, think a dance, a prom, Tohru takes a job as a dog walker, or Akito trying to separate them further.
DNW: Smut.

Sohma Akito/Sohma Yuki
This was a horrendous trainwreck of a relationship. Which means I want approximately ten tons of it, stat. Some genuine affection, some being creeped out, some Yuki trying to move on from Akito and failing to do so. Yuki being incredibly frustrated and upset by his failure to leave Akito in the past, and nonetheless unable to just drop his baggage. The forced obedience thing is really fun! Akito being desperate or clingy or diabolical or manipulative or creepy is fun. Or just being nice, albeit possessive. Smut would be great.
DNW: Akito is really a nice person all along, and gets over all those issues to have a healthy relationship with Yuki, who is happy with this.

Girl Genius
I love this canon for the wacky mad scientist antics and the cool steampunk and Agatha doing cool things.

Agatha Heterodyne & Jaegers

My tastes are very simple. Agatha being awesome and building cool shit, the Jaegers being awesome and taking things in stride, and the overall Jaeger-Heterodyne relationship. The loyalty between them is just SO MUCH FUN! If you throw in Mechanicsburg I will be stoked. Whether she's defending or conquering or dealing with her love life, whether the Jaegers are used to her being back or just found out she exists. I would prefer the focus not be on who she is or isn't dating, and have no preferences for ships there. The Generals, the Boys, and Jenka are three specific groups you could write about if you want to focus on canon Jaegers and not OCs. Action or humor would be best, I think! But angst based on the Jaegers not thinking she'll show up and fluff when she's around is also so awesome!
DNW: Agatha dying, any rape of anyone, past or current, smut.

Gravity Falls

There is so much more I wanted to nominate. If I seem to contradict myself in some way, feel free to ask! My tastes vary pretty drastically from one request to the next, so I understand.

Some of the alternate universes where characters are distinct from themselves like Reverse Falls, Monster Falls, Relativity Falls, etc etc etc are fun, but I am not interested in getting fic for them in this exchange.

DNW: Incest between anyone, unless Bill-possessed Stancest or heavily repressed, never gonna happen Pinecest in Mabel & Stan fic.

Bill Cipher/The Author | Original Stanford Pines
Stanford Pines & Stanley Pines
Mabel Pines & Grunkle Stan | Stanley "Stanford" Pines
Bill Cipher / Fiddleford H. McGucket

Bill Cipher/The Author | Original Stanford Pines
This is a beautiful ship. Well, beautifully horrible, but isn't that the same thing? I tend to like different things in prebetrayal and postbetrayal Billford.
OTP: This is my current GF OTP, so as opposed to in other ships where I like them moving on after breakups, I like it if they never quite move on! Even when Ford is able to trust again, any dating is shot down or ends in failures. Even if Bill finds someone new to manipulate/inspire, he'll drop them to go back to Ford.
Likes: Possession, gore, pining, smut, fluff with narrative awareness of the horrible end.
Meh: Bill being embarrassed about anything

In prebetrayal fic, I like focus on how much Ford loved and trusted Bill, contrasted sharply with how little Bill deserves said love and trust. Or focus on Ford being self absorbed and thinking he's better than everyone, mingled with his staggering insecurities about being weird and having six fingers, and Bill's total lack of concern about who is and isn't weird. I like Bill being less invested, but also very caring, and also a bit sarcastic or harsh. Or not usually caring but caring just enough for Ford to perceive it as such. Striking a balance between being someone Ford would trust and feeling like Bill is hard, but I love a wide variety of portrayals of it! Maybe some fic focusing on him being possessed and Bill interacting with Fiddleford or the townsfolk. Maybe some masturbation or dream sex. Maybe it's before Bill suggests the portal and he's just helping Ford figure out Gravity Falls?

Fiddleford not knowing what's going on, but knowing just enough to know it's a bad idea, and Ford not listening to him is fun!

I prefer Ford's POV over Bill's for prebetrayal. The severe gap in how Ford perceives their relationship and how things actually are is what makes it so fun! I also enjoy Bill POV, but haven't seen a lot of it.

In short: There's a lot of ways you can take this and make me happy! Is Bill acting pretty normal and friendly besides all the shadiness, and Ford perceives it as a good relationship? Is he still the disturbing guy he always is but toned down a bit, and Ford is blind and deaf and dumb to the whole thing? Is it an abusive relationship that he's too new to relationships to see for what it is?

In postbetrayal fic, I love a lot of focus on the raw harsh wound that Ford has from having everything suddenly torn out from under him and replaced with the burning urge to fix this by stopping Bill. But I love it especially when there's still the smoldering embers of the love he used to have and he can't just stomp out the feelings totally. He wants to bury it and say his feelings are dead and gone, but it's more complicated than that.

On Bill's side, I like both where he's extremely casual about liking his toy, and where he has some more serious feelings growing as his respect for Ford grows, but no experience with or idea how to deal with it, nor any actual desire to show compassion for him even as he gets more attached. He's an extremely emotionally immature asshole, and that's what's fun about him. Feel free to go xeno out the wazoo.

In short: Put on a break-up song or twenty and write with these two in mind! I am very easy to please here.

Super angsty, dark, harsh canon divergence Post-Weirdmaggedon is also fun. Feel free to go guro. Especially if Ford is still trying to maintain some power over the situation either via fighting or surrendering with conditions.

Feel free to sprinkle references to this ship in the other two GF requests! Whether or not you consider it romantic, the frenzied obsession Ford gave Bill and the "one person sociopath cares much for" for Bill to Ford is very enjoyable.

It's hard to go wrong with smut for this. Praise kink, guro, snuff, bondage, possession, tentacles, etc. I am fond of Bill possessing Stan to mess with Ford or Ford to mess with Stan/Fiddleford, sexually or otherwise.

This doesn't mean I will only be happy with smut! I will be equally happy with a G rated fic about Ford falling in love with Bill "Bad News" Cipher or angsting angstily about the past.

Alternate Universes: I do enjoy AUs where Bill is possessing a human body for whatever reason and meets Ford earlier in life, and where Bill is still manipulative, bad news, may or may not have murdered his parents, knows too much for any ordinary human, and just generally gives off a bad vibe. It is also a neat way to have Stan react to their relationship before the two shatter apart.
Some examples:
Cold Case, they're just two researchers dating and sharing a house, aaaand bad times ensue.
sacred geometry, Ford's new college roommate is so nice and odd!
Human-possessing-Bill is waiting for his vessel to graduate high school when he moves to New Jersey, meets Ford while he's still in high school, (and Stan is still dating Carla or just broke up), and Ford's first friend is very interesting.

General Prompts:
"Love isn't a feeling. Love is a choice you make everyday."

DNW: Human Bill, Redemption fic, Either losing their minds or permanently dying, either losing interest in the other in terms of finally moving on.

>Stanford Pines & Stanley Pines

Likes: Angst, platonic pining, conflict, two opposing goals they have to work against (and one of them eventually deciding to give up their goal for the other), the same goal and two extremely bristly grunkles trying to be around each other again. 
In short: I enjoy how both Stan and Ford only see their own side, and how that destroyed their relationship and made rebuilding it super difficult! And to make things worse, Ford doesn't even want to try! I am less interested in condemning either of them and saying who was right than I am in the way they perceive each other's successes and failings.

What a lopsided trainwreck of a relationship! Stan wants so badly for things to be like they were, and Ford does too, but he's also got too much of a grudge against Stan for destroying the project! Their first meeting in 10 years began with a crossbow and included things like "the first worthwhile thing in your life" and "selfishly hoarding your college money". Their first meeting in 30 years had Ford punching Stan in the face and then wrestling him to the ground! And all with them still caring about each other. Gimme some more.

They managed to fuck up their relationship really badly, and it's like catnip to me. Any instance of them arguing, failing to get along, fighting, or throwing the other a cold shoulder will probably make me smile as much as it makes them frown. Stan really obviously caring about Ford and being eager to reunite, and later when he has a bit more dignity and issues surrounding reconciling with the brother who punched him in the face, both are fun. For Ford, I like that he keeps trying to bury Stan in his heart, lock up these feelings and then throw away the key, but he still misses Stan like hell. Them being super stiff and cold to each other before the portal, and them trying not to be strangers to each other after the portal but not knowing how to go about it and failing badly, that's fun. Also, the contrast between how they used to be (Ford knew things, Stan punched things) and how they are now (they both still do that, but Ford is strong now and Stan knows how to work the portal now). Or Stan showing Ford around the town would be fun, simply because I doubt Ford knew much about it even when he lived there and Stan does. Or Stan knowing more modern lingo than Ford, just barely. Or either springing the other out of jail, interdimensional or otherwise. Ford being stronger than Stan now and Stan being uncomfortable with this is something I want to see, too!

Maybe a mistake pissing contest where they argue about whose mistakes were worse, but where they're arguing that they screwed up worse than their brother.

I'm fond of the crossover where one of them knows Rick. Both of them knowing Rick is also fun, especially if they had fairly different relationships with him! Platonic or shippy, whatever. Focusing more on Ford and Stan and how they react to this revelation than their relationship with Rick is preferred.

Starla is cute, feel free to mention that in the past if you want. Stan can have any number of past partners you want. For Ford I want him not having any until after Bill betrays him, then do whatever you please.

Feel free to focus on Ford, Bill, and Stan as a trio, particularly post canon or canon divergence. One of them giving the other a come to Jesus talk due to them being around Bill too much? Bill sowing discord in their relationship? Support between them? Them uniting to stop him (preferably in ways besides the finale)?

Do you remember when Ford was going to kick Stan out of the Mystery Shack after the summer was over? I sure do! I'd rather Ford not be condemned for wanting his own house back or being upset that Stan's been using his identity for 30 years. But Stan being upset is also very valid! Just, the whole mess of feelings that must surely have occurred within Stan when there was a time limit on living there, maybe a moment where Ford wanted to reach out or considered changing his mind and pulled back hard, or Stan trying to make plans, find a place to rent, see if he can figure out a job, being seethingly angry and resigned. Summer not ending during Weirdmaggedon also meaning that Stan hasn't been kicked out of the house and some angst and irony focused around that could be pretty fun!

Canon divergence where they meet up before the portal's real purpose has been discovered and the giant mess of resentment and love around that would be fun, with nothing quite being resolved but their fighting not truncated by Ford being sucked into the portal. Ford still thinks Stan destroyed his project on purpose, Stan is pissed that Ford doesn't care about him, things are complicated, life is hard, they're bad at being mature adults around each other.

Prompt: "Love is a choice you make every day."

DNW: Their childhood and teenage life as the focus of the fic, an uncomplicated and happy post-canon relationship. A third party intervening to tell them one or both is wrong, or to tell them to apologize to each other.

Mabel Pines & Grunkle Stan | Stanley "Stanford" Pines

In short: I like their canon relationship and I'd like more of that! I like comparing and contrasting how they connect to the rest of the family: Dipper, Ford, their parents. And also how they have such different attitudes towards dealing with the townsfolk themselves

Mabel: She's optimistic, hammy, enthusiastic, generally self assured, she chases whoever she crushes on and has action girl tendencies! It's a hoard of things I like all stuffed into one character. Mabel's just fun!

"Not What He Seems" killed me, and continues to kill me whenever I think about it. Stan projecting on Mabel, Mabel learning conman skills from him and growing up with a lot of his traits, or Mabel becoming something entirely different in her adult life. I love that she trusts him to be a good person when he hasn't necessarily earned that trust, and I love when Stan reciprocates with things like having her run the Mystery Shack or walk him up to the water tower. Just really any time when they're hanging out is good. Stan reflecting on failed loves or Mabel doing so or her current boycraziness is all fun! I would like focus on them bonding and not on any potential romance, though.

Feel free to compare/contrast their relationship with their twin! I am perfectly fine with happier focus on the Stan twins as endgame for Mabel & Stan. Or not. I like having my heart stomped on.

Mabel falls in love with a lot of people, and she usually manages to pull out of the dive before she makes a big fool of herself! I would have been fine with the show going to a place where she does, or she falls in love with someone she really shouldn't have. They're evil, they're in another dimension, she would be super ashamed if anyone knew she liked them.  (Suggestions: bad boy OC crush of the week, Bill, Gideon, a gnome, Pacifica). And then Stan has the very novel opportunity to talk Mabel out of a bad love decision.

In Gideon Rises, Stan got kicked out of the Mystery Shack and had to send the twins back for the summer! That's some quality angst material right there, either while he's feeling super guilty about it or when Mabel is older and grows to realize how much it sucks when a guardian can't provide anymore. I don't want canon age Mabel thinking about it, though.

Stan and Mabel in some kind of comedic gang, would be fun, whether aged up or canon age. Maybe they smuggle stickers or something! Maybe they make forged beanie babies to sell to collectors. Maybe Stan's old life of crime comes back to haunt them and extreme badassery from everyone results as they outfight/outwit them.

I think it'd be cool to have the portal complete, but instead of Ford coming out they have to go in and search for him. Meanwhile, a big old portal being open causes the apocalypse. And they have adventures in various dimensions looking for the author of the journey. I can take or leave Dipper being involved in this, but if he's not there I'd like Mabel to miss him a lot.

Mabel's scrapbook was in the end what prompted Stan's recovery after having his mind wiped! I think I'd like focus on her scrapbooking every day no matter rain, sun, cute boy, or anything else, with a kind of implication that she 100% the summer, even if she didn't complete the goals she wanted. I like completionism as a reason to be rewarded with really happy endings. I find video game framework fun. Her bonding with Stan due to this, them talking about it, I'd like that!

Gimme fluff, punching stuff, angsty parallels, or snarky quips, I will be happy. Crack is perfectly welcome in my fluff. Also, humor is great, but hard. I'd love focus on the girl trio of Candy & Grenda & Mabel with my laughs if you do that!

DNW: Stan or Mabel dying. Smut, references to rape, gore in general.

Bill Cipher / Fiddleford H. McGucket

I originally just nominated this for Bill!Ford/Fiddleford since there's no threesome tag, but I have slowly converted myself. Also, it doesn't need to be explicitly romantic or sexual for me to like it!

There's three distinct eras that I see for this, and I would be happy with any of them!

Scientist era: When Fidd is sane, he is not totally aware Bill exists, and he's working with his friend who has a thousand creepy tapestries of this one triangle. I feel like this is some really fertile ground for rather nonconsensual dream sex or consensual but extremely ill advised living sex with possessed!Ford. I am fine with "Wife What Wife" or using the infidelity to underline the horror of the rape/seduction.

Cultist era: After he leaves Ford, but before he's completely lost his mind. He's got these gaps in his memory and he tends to react to disturbing things by erasing them. Give him some very, very good reasons for brain bleach and I'll be happy. Maybe one of his cultists gets possessed, maybe he forgets disturbing nightmares every night, maybe he makes a deal with Bill for information on who's just seen supernatural shit so that he can hurry and erase their mind, but Bill somehow takes advantage of this deal.

Hillbilly era: So a demon walks into a shattered mind, and he asks "did you already buy me a drink?" Fiddleford has already trashed his own brain and memories, he's lonely, and he doesn't quite remember whether or not the triangle is bad news. This is a very precarious situation to be in, and Bill talking him into doing his bidding/walking off a cliff sounds all too plausible here. We have a raccoon wife here, and we can ignore this or have it happen before. Maybe being tormented by a triangle and feeling extra lonely afterwards is why he's married to a raccoon.

In Journal 3 "I guess he'll invent stuff for anyone who will hang out with him." Dipper isn't exactly a McGucket expert, but his thoughts hurt my heart anyways.

Prompt: "love is a choice you make everyday". In relation to his first wife, his kid, him sticking around Ford, anyone works.

Fiddlebill DNW: Bill being the one who coerces Fiddleford into bad decisions like making robots when he's upset with people or creating a cult. As much as I like Fiddleford judging Ford for his life choices, it's no fun if his own are whitewashed away. It's fine not to focus on them, though! Alternate universes beyond canon divergence.
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