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I did not sign up for this. But it may be useful in figuring out what I do and don't like, or simply to gawk at.

Hello! I'm going to prompt some tags for some pairings and not others, due to limited request space. I'm aware that you can use any requested tag on any pairing in that request, and have made my peace with it. These all look so fun! <3 Will list preferred tag-pairing pairs, but anything can go.

Avatar: the last airbender
Aang & Katara & Toph Beifong & Zuko, Aang & Zuko (Avatar), Azula & Zuko (Avatar), Katara/Zuko (Avatar)

Enemy is Their Soulmate, Freaking Out After Soulbonding: Zuko is against the Gaang for most of canon! If he was soulmates with Katara or Aang, this would make things even more complicated! Him continuing to chose his family and honor over reconciling with his soulmates, or abusing their connection to track them down, all would be welcomed. Toph wading in after the drama starts and being frustrated with these shenanigans between her soulmates would also be fun. For any non Azulko pair. For Katara/Zuko, a strong element of "Oh no they're hot" + really heated avoidance and ignoring of this wouold be just perfect. Denial out the wazoo.

Family Members As Platonic Soulmates, Soulmate Empathy: for Azula & Zuko. Preferably only a very few people soulmate with their family, and Azula and Zuko are two of these unlucky people. A kind of merging where Azula becomes more empathetic and Zuko becomes more callous when they're around each other would be fun, as well as dramatic pain and loyalty tension when he's banished. Having it be a secret from everyone (except maybe their mom) would be so much fun. Canon divergence + dramatic reveal = YES.

Homestuck Quadrants for Soulmates: Probably not requesting this because there's no way to confirm who would be shipped in what quadrant. But Zuko<3<Katara, Aangc3<(Katara/Zuko), Toph<>/<3<Aang, Aang<3/&Katara, Azula<>Zuko, Aang<3</<>Zuko, these all seem fun.

Multiple Soulmates, Soulmates being born in different time periods, Soulmates Share Dreams, Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing, Freaking Out After Soulbonding, : Aang being soulmates with anyone alive (except for a few old people) has some interesting implications! Did new ones appear as his originals died without him meeting them? I didn't request it, but the idea of the Avatar having three destined teachers that he soulmates/bonds with is delicious. Particularly if there's multiple people that are acceptably strong and Aang will soulbond to the first good match. Which makes him and Zuko soulbonding much more dramatic and unfortunate. Especially if Zuko has heard of it while questing but doesn't initially realize what happened.

Magical Powers Awaken When You Meet Your Soulmate: Either you get much stronger in bending (same element), gain a new power (different element), or are able to bend (bender/nonbender). For literally any pair, mixed with literally any other tag. If Avatar & destined teachers AU, I would prefer Aang to still be the only one able to fully bend them well, and the others have only a touch of the power, either of all or just air.

Enemy Is Their Soulmate, Family Members As Platonic Soulmates, Multiple Soulmates, Soulmate Empathy, Soulmates being born in different time periods, Soulmates Share Dreams, Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing, Freaking Out After Soulbonding,

Auto-Responder | Lil Hal/Equius Zahhak Gamzee Makara/Equius Zahhak Jane Crocker/Dirk Strider Jane Crocker/Feferi Peixes Jane Crocker/Meenah Peixes Nepeta Leijon/Equius Zahhak

Freaking Out After Soulbonding, Soulmate Telepathy

Steven Universe
Army & Doc & Eyeball & Leggy & Navy (Steven Universe) Jasper & Pink Diamond (Steven Universe) Eyeball/Jasper (Steven Universe) Jasper/Rose Quartz (Steven Universe) Lapis Lazuli/Navy (Steven Universe)

Enemy Is Their Soulmate, Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing, Soulmate Empathy

Akatsuki no Yona
Abi & Guen & Hiryuu & Shuten & Zeno (Akatsuki no Yona) Garou & Jae-Ha & Yona, Hiryuu & Yona & Zeno Hiryuu/Hiryuu's Wife (Akatsuki no Yona) Kija/Yona (Akatsuki no Yona) Mizari/Zeno & Yona Yona & Everyone Jae-Ha/Yona Kan Tae-Jun/Yona Soo-Won/Yona

Note: I'm writing all this while thinking of the dragon warrior bonds as soulbonds for the first generation and soulmates for every subsequent generation, but there's a significant amount of overlap and messiness. Tae-Jun/Yona and Yona & Everyone and Mizari/Zeno & Yona would be more soulbondy, but everyone else is soulmate-esque.

Egg Laying From A Soulbond: They're dragon-themed people. I feel no shame in having them have dragon-themed pregnancies. Het mpreg in particular for this would serve me greaaat, but Yona or Hiryuu's wife doing it would be fine, as would random people in the Yona & Everyone show. The eggs could hatch little dragon lizards or human children, or change depending on circumstances.

Non-Soulbonded Relationship in Soulbond Verse: I picked this with Hiryuu/His Wife in mind, but it would also work for Tae-Jun/Yona. How do they deal with this deep, potent connection that they don't share with each other? Can end in them soul-bonding, if desired.

Freaking Out After Soulbonding: Jae-Ha and Yona... watching Jae-Ha flip out really quietly as his brain and body rearranged themselves was fantastic. I am fine with this being a platonic very important relationship or romantic feelings getting into the mix. Just have Jae-Ha flip out at all these intense feelings and desires shoved on him. 

Finding Out Your Soulmate is a Horrible Person: For Garou & Jae-Ha & Yona. I can't imagine happy funtimes would ensue even after Yona becomes aware of them and tries to mediate between them. So much tension, none of it resolved by dramatic sacrificial death.

Soulbond as Control Mechanism, Soulbonding as Body Horror: This is what the dragon gods tried to make it! Either horror where it does control the dragon warriors or fluff when Hiryuu and Yona avoid this is fine.

Accidental Soulbond: People willing to die for Yona spreads like fungus. I am fine with this being of magical cause, where after someone is close enough to Yona they just... bond with her. Yona & Everyone, here we come! I would prefer more focus on closeness and shared compassion than horror here. People aren't being forced to like her. They just do, and it comes naturally, and it's super weird. Also for Mizari/Zeno & Yona. This is a very unfortunate happening, but now Mizari is on the team! Sort of. Probably freaking out hardcore. Maybe he's the new Ouryuu now for reasons? The Dragon Gods don't have to explain.

Enemy is Their Soulmate: Soo-won and Yona are soulmates! Either due to sword and shield prophecy or just garden variety romantic soulmates. Aaaaand this doesn't stop Soo-won from killing King Il and trying to kill Yona. Let's make everything even more tragic and fun!

Dreaming of Soulmate: Could be fun with anyone, but prefer Kija/Yona, Soowon/Yona, or Garou & Jae-Ha & Yona. Kija/Yona has that additional destiny undertone and shock of recognition, Soowon/Yona has more angst about seeing them even in dreams, Garou & Jae-Ha & Yona has them seeing things far different from their everyday lives in their sleep.

Freaking Out After Soulbonding, Non-Soulbonded Relationship in Soulbond Verse, Egg Laying From A Soulbond, One-Sided Soulbond, Soulbond as Control Mechanism, Accidental Soulbond

Mystic Messenger
Jumin Han & Main Character Jumin Han/Main Character Rika/V (Mystic Messenger) Yoosung Kim & Rika Yoosung Kim/Rika

Jumin & MC, Jumin/MC: I am a SUCKER for emotionally stunted people finally progressing due to interacting with someone. So Soulmate Empathy is A++ here.

Yoosung & Rika, Yoosung/Rika: They're only adopted cousins, but since they consider themselves family I consider it incest. Societal Stigma Against Incestuous Soulmates, Sharing your Soulmate with Non-Soulmate(s), Soulbonding With Someone Else When You Already Have A Soulmate, Family Members As Platonic Soulmates

V/Rika: this was a gorgeous tragedy and trainwreck. :D Having A Soulmate Is Simultaneously The Best And Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Person, Soulmate's Kiss Can Cure All Wounds, Incorrectly Convinced That You're Soulmates. Either they are soulmates but Rika's deteriorating mental health ruins them both, or they just THINK they are and when Rika tries to kiss V better from being shot and V tries to kiss her better from being crazy, it doesn't work. They're just in love, not in soulmates.

Soulmate Empathy, Family Members As Platonic Soulmates, Having A Soulmate Is Simultaneously The Best And Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Person, Societal Stigma Against Incestuous Soulmates, Sharing your Soulmate with Non-Soulmate(s), Soulbonding With Someone Else When You Already Have A Soulmate, Soulmate's Kiss Can Cure All Wounds, Incorrectly Convinced That You're Soulmates

Beauty and the Beast
Beast/Gaston, Lefou/Gaston

Beast/Gaston: They're two assholes. Beast learns to be better, Gaston doesn't. Gaston is probably also the only one who could pick up and body slam Beast. A very important trait. Soulmates being born in Different Time Periods is what I want with this. And Belle and Beast falling in love only for Beast to soulmate with Gaston much to Belle (and Beast's?) horror. Maybe Gaston and the furniture having a strained relationship, or Gaston seeking out his soulmate and thinking she's trapped somewhere in the castle, but really it's just Beast. It was Beast the whole time. No one is great with homosexuality but for a curse, they can make anything work.

Lefou/Gaston: I am not even slightly interested in Gaston having LeFou as his soulmate, but could work with LeFou having Gaston as his soulmate. Either mixed with Beast/Gaston or having Gaston have lost his soulmate in the war, that's what fucked him up so bad. Or he's in denial and thinks his soulmate must still be around. Soulmates Aren't Always Mutual, In Love With Someone Else's Soulmate, Coping With Soulmate's Death, Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person

Soulmates being born in different time periods, Soulmates Aren't Always Mutual, In Love With Someone Else's Soulmate, Coping With Soulmate's Death, Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person

Girl Genius
Agatha Heterodyne & Heterodyne Castle Agatha Heterodyne & Jaegermonsters Agatha Heterodyne & Mechanicsburg

Magical Powers Awaken When You Meet Your Soulmate, Multiple Soulmates, New Soulmate After A Soulmate's Death, Soulmate-Induced Physical Transformation, Their Soulmate Doesn't Believe in Soulmates, Multiway Platonic Bonds, Soulbonding Grants Powers, Accidental Soulbond

Fruits Basket
Sohma Akito & Sohma Hatori Sohma Akito & Sohma Kyo Sohma Akito & Sohma Rin Honda Tohru/Sohma Akito Sohma Akito/Sohma Yuki

I am fine with female or male Akito.

D/s Soulbond: Akito has an unnatural amount of power over everyone else. Either as is canonical or even more formalized. Not with Tohru/Akito, please.

Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid: And Akito stresses out constantly, so people transport to Akito not infrequently.

Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person: With Tohru/Akito specifically. Either Akito gets slightly less awful or remains the same but with added personal obsession over Tohru. Tohru trying to deal with this.

D/s Soulbond (Dominant partner can control the submissive), Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid, Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person

Nameless: the one thing you must recall maybe request
Eri/Tei/Yeonho Eri/Yeonho (Nameless)

Soulmate Remembers You (When No One Else Does), Conflicting Soulbonds: After the time travel shenanigans, those of the dolls Eri has the heart of remember the past. Preferably they freak out over it or try to fix it or something. Conflicting Soulbonds with Eri accidentally bonding with everyone would be fun. Would prefer Eri to not remember still, until after the end, due to Wizard fuckery.

Soulbond AU: Slave(s) Bound To Master: The doll-owner relationship is inherently unequal. I am fine with this. Either in canon or an always human AU.

Soulbonding Grants Powers: I have a weakness for this. Gaining the souls of the dolls doesn't just make her heart more childlike, it gives her more magical ability! Or has the dolls share a bit of magical ability, like seeing ghosts or protecting Eri or divination or smarts. Whatever seems appropriate.

Soulmate Remembers You (When No One Else Does), Soulbond AU: Slave(s) Bound To Master,
Soulbonding Grants Powers, Conflicting Soulbonds,

Heathers: the Musical request vidding
Heather Chandler & Heather Duke & Heather McNamara & Veronica Sawyer Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer Heather Chandler/Heather Duke/Heather McNamara/Veronica Sawyer Heather Chandler/Heather McNamara Jason "J. D." Dean/Veronica Sawyer

Haunted by Soulmate's Ghost, Having a Soulmate Is Simultaneously The Best And Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Person, Killing Your Own Soulmate, Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person, Soulmate Empathy, Soulmate-Induced Immortality, You Can't Die As Long As Your Soulmate Is Alive, You Can't Die As Long As Your Soulbonded Is Alive, Accidental Soulbond, Soulbonded By Ritual Sex


Neon Genesis Evangelion
Adam & Nagisa Kaworu Ayanami Rei & Nagisa Kaworu Ikari Shinji/Nagisa Kaworu

The Little Mermaid
Eric/Vanessa (Disney) (with Die if Soulbond Dies)

Dragon Age
Aeducan & Amell & Brosca & Cousland & Mahariel & Surana & Tabris Male Hawke & Female Warrior Hawke/Merrill Morrigan & Female Warden Morrigan/Female Warden Fenris/Female Hawke Fenris/Female Mage Hawke

Original Fiction
The Chosen One/Their Destined Sidekick, Cultist/Non-Cultist, Favored Concubine/New Harem Member, Female Detective/Female Serial Killer, Female Heroine/Male Villain, Female Human/Female Monster, Female Human/Male Demon, Female Human/Male Eldritch Abomination, Female Master/Slave, Female Robot/Female Human, Female Supreme Ruler/Her Subject, Female Yandere/Her Second Love Future, Magic Eater/Uncontrollably Powerful Mage, Prince/Princess Princess/Female Knight, Princess/Female Shapeshifting Dragon, Queen Regnant/Female Spy From Another Nation Scientist/Alien
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